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Minimizing the Arrayed Waveguide Grating Cost and the Optical

Summary: Minimizing the Arrayed Waveguide
Grating Cost and the Optical
Cable Cost in Deploying WDM Passive
Optical Networks
Jingjing Zhang and Nirwan Ansari
Abstract--We investigate the issue of minimizing
the cost of optical cables and arrayed waveguide grat-
ings (AWGs) in deploying optical distribution net-
works using WDM passive optical networks (PONs).
Generally, when deploying WDM PONs with cascaded
AWGs, increasing the number of stages of cascaded
AWGs decreases the optical fiber costs, but increases
the AWG cost. A proper cascaded AWG structure and
proper connections between AWGs and optical net-
work units are needed to minimize the total cost of
AWGs and optical cables. We decompose the network
planning problem into two subproblems. One is to de-
cide the positions of AWGs and placement of optical
cables to minimize the cost of optical cables. The
other one is to determine the cascaded AWG structure


Source: Ansari, Nirwan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering