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Policy Ratification Dakshi Agrawal, James Giles, Kang-Won Lee, Jorge Lobo

Summary: Policy Ratification
Dakshi Agrawal, James Giles, Kang-Won Lee, Jorge Lobo
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
It is not sufficient to merely check the syntax of new poli-
cies before they are deployed in a system; policies need to be
analyzed for their interactions with each other and with their
local environment. That is, policies need to go through a rat-
ification process. We believe policy ratification becomes an
essential part of system management as the number of poli-
cies in the system increases and as the system administration
becomes more decentralized.
In this paper, we focus on the basic tasks involved in pol-
icy ratification. To a large degree, these basic tasks can be
performed independent of policy model and language and
require little domain-specific knowledge. We present algo-
rithms from constraint, linear, and logic programming dis-
ciplines to help perform ratification tasks. We provide an
algorithm to efficiently assign priorities to the policies based


Source: Agrawal, Rakesh - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences