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Z .Decision Support Systems 24 1999 269278 Collaboration rules for autonomous software agents

Summary: Z .Decision Support Systems 24 1999 269­278
Collaboration rules for autonomous software agents
Sarosh N. Talukdar )
Carnegie Mellon UniÕersity, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Can autonomous software agents that are distributed over a computer network collaborate effectively? Both empirical
evidence and theory suggest that they can. Moreover, there seem to be simple rules for designing problem-solving
Zorganizations in which collaboration among such agents is automatic and scale-effective adding agents tends to improve
.solution-quality; adding computers tends to improve solution-speed . This paper develops some of these rules for off-line
Z .problems and argues that they can be extended for the on-line real-time control of power systems. q 1999 Elsevier Science
B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Autonomous agents; Collaboration; Multi-agent systems; Organizations
1. Introduction
This paper deals with the skills that unsupervised
Z .autonomous software agents must have if they are
to collaborate effectively. This section explains the
terminology that will be used, formulates the collab-
oration problem and outlines an approach to its
1.1. Terminology


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences