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Muscle-specific Transcriptional Regulation of the slowpoke -activated K Channel Gene*

Summary: Muscle-specific Transcriptional Regulation of the slowpoke
-activated K Channel Gene*
(Received for publication, July 12, 1999, and in revised form, November 29, 1999)
Whei-meih Chang, Rudi A. Bohm, Jeffrey C. Strauss, Tao Kwan, Tarita Thomas,
Roshani B. Cowmeadow, and Nigel S. Atkinson
From the Section of Neurobiology and Institute for Cellular & Molecular Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University
of Texas, Austin, Texas 78712
Transcriptional regulation of the Drosophila slowpoke
calcium-activated potassium channel gene is complex.
To date, five transcriptional promoters have been iden-
tified, which are responsible for slowpoke expression in
neurons, midgut cells, tracheal cells, and muscle fibers.
The slowpoke promoter called Promoter C2 is active in
muscles and tracheal cells. To identify sequences that
activate Promoter C2 in specific cell types, we intro-
duced small deletions into the slowpoke transcriptional
control region. Using transformed flies, we asked how
these deletions affected the in situ tissue-specific pat-
tern of expression. Sequence comparisons between evo-


Source: Atkinson, Nigel - Section of Neurobiology, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Biology and Medicine