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Iterated Separating Conjunction

Summary: Chapter 6
Iterated Separating
An Introduction
to Separation Logic
#2007 John C. Reynolds
February 28, 2007
In this chapter, we introduce an iterative version of the separating con­
junction that is useful in describing arrays, as well as certain properties of
list structures.
6.1 A New Form of Assertion
We extend the language of assertions with an binding operator # , which is
used to construct an assertion of the form
# e #
v=e p,
where the occurrence of v in the subscript is a binder whose scope is p.
Roughly speaking, this assertion describes the separating conjunction
(p/v # e) # (p/v # e + 1) # · · · # (p/v # e # ).
More precisely, for a state s, h, let m = [[e]] exp s and n = [[e # ]] exp s be the


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Mathematics