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Book review Trick or treat: the battle of the sexes

Summary: Book review
Trick or treat: the battle of the sexes
A review by G. Bernasconi, L. S. Corley & M. K. N. Lawniczak
Sexual Conflict. Monographs in Behavior and Ecology.
By Go¨ran Arnqvist and Locke Rowe. Series Editors: John
R. Krebs and Tim Clutton-Brock. Princeton, NJ:
Princeton University Press. 2005. ISBN 0-691-12218-0.
Paper 2005 $39.50 / £26.95 ISBN: 0-691-12218-0. Cloth
2005. $99.50 / £65.00 ISBN 0-691-12217-2 360 pp.
Males and females differ in many ways due to their
distinct roles in reproduction. A fundamental asym-
metry, that in fact defines the genders, occurs over initial
investment in gametes, with males producing many, tiny
and females few, large gametes. Another very general
asymmetry concerns the intensity of selection for mul-
tiple mating between the sexes: while males can max-
imize their reproductive output by obtaining as many
partners as possible, females need fewer partners to
achieve their maximum reproductive output (Bateman,
1948). That these distinct roles can generate a Ôbattle of


Source: Arnqvist, Göran - Department of Animal Ecology, Uppsala Universitet
Rowe, Locke - Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology