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Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extremes in Coastal Vietnam

Summary: Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extremes
in Coastal Vietnam
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Summary. Đ A framework for analyzing social vulnerability is outlined, an aspect largely
underemphasized in assessments of the impacts of climate change and climate extremes.
Vulnerability is deŽned in this paper as the exposure of individuals or collective groups
to livelihood stress as a result of the impacts of such environmental change. It is con-
stituted by individual and collective aspects which can be disaggregated, but are linked
through the political economy of markets and institutions. Research in coastal northern
Vietnam shows that baseline social vulnerability is enhanced by some institutional and
economic factors associated with Vietnam's economic transition from central planning,
namely the breakdown of collective action on protection from extreme events and an
increasingly skewed income. Osetting these trends are other institutional changes as-
sociated with the dynamic nature of the economic restructuring and evolution of the
market transition in Vietnam, which decrease vulnerability. Ó 1999 Elsevier Science
Ltd. All rights reserved.
This paper outlines a conceptual model of
social vulnerability to climate change in order


Source: Adger, Neil - School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology