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Proposal title: Residences Support Service Consultation Phase 2 January 2010

Summary: Proposal
Proposal title: Residences Support Service Consultation Phase 2
Date: 8th
January 2010
The Residences Support Service moved into the Student Services department in January 2009 to join other
student-facing teams fulfilling a pastoral or support function. Student Services undertook a review of the
Service to propose streamlined service delivery, harmonised working practices and modernised
employment arrangements. The Review Group summarised issues as known at that time and presented 10
possible outline models of service delivery for discussion with a recommendation that Option 5 should be
considered in the proposal dated 30th
October 2009. This initiated a formal consultation process engaging
a wider constituency of interested parties including the Residences Support Service, University Residences
and the University Community (i.e. staff and students).The first phase of this consultation was successful in
garnering individual and group responses for further consideration. This paper summarises the issues and
counter proposals presented in these responses as well as outlining next steps in the consultation process.
All respondents agreed that the new Residence Support Team is a key contributor to the out of hours
support service, particularly to our most vulnerable students first year undergraduates, international
students, students with disabilities or in crisis whilst living in University run Halls of Residence. In addition,


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics