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morphological specializations associated with adaptation to high-and low-predation environments (F. Bashey, PhD

Summary: morphological specializations associated with adaptation
to high- and low-predation environments (F. Bashey, PhD
thesis, University of California, Riverside, 2002; [4]) and
little has been done to evaluate whether such adaptations
influence thefitness of hybrids in a natural setting.We thus
lack a sufficient understanding of the system to judge
whether conditions leading to ecological speciation exist in
guppies. The alternative of allopatric speciation predicts
that reproductive isolation evolves as a byproduct of
prolonged separation. Magurran presents new evidence
suggesting that allopatry is leading to reproductive
isolation among guppies derived from two drainages in
which the guppies are genetically distant from one another.
These results suggests that studying reduced interpopula-
tion fertility as a function of genetic distance in guppies
could provide a meaningful test of ideas developed from
interspecific comparisons in Drosophila [5].
We do not yet have the genetic resources for guppies
that exist for the classic models of developmental genetics,
such as zebrafish. However, Evolutionary Ecology: the


Source: Arbogast, Brian - Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology