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Particles and Waves (Physics 141) Enriched and Fortified!!

Summary: Particles and Waves (Physics 141)
Enriched and Fortified!!
Lecturer: Daniel Aalberts, TPL 304, x3520, aalberts@williams.edu
Office hours: I am eager to help you understand and enjoy this subject and I am happy to speak
with you about any aspect of the course. Feel free to telephone, email, or pop in at my office.
It is easy to find me as I am typically on campus from 7:45am to 6:300:30pm.
Poor times: MWF 10-11, TR 11:30-2, M 4-6.
Good times: otherwise
Lectures: MWF 11 in TPL 205. The lectures can only complement other parts of the course.
They can't be comprehensive, nor are they in any sense sufficient to enable you to fully learn
the material. Developing a thorough understanding of the material and problem solving skills
in any physics course also requires reading the text, thinking and talking about the concepts,
and most of all, doing many, many problems.
Textbook: Serway, Physics: For Scientists and Engineers fifth edition. You are expected to do
the assigned reading before class. Ideally, with the benefit of the lecture, you should reread
the material afterwards.
Homework Problem sets are normally assigned on Friday, due at the beginning of class on the
following Friday. Thorough and timely completion of homework is an absolutely crucial aspect
of the course and your performance in it. You are encouraged to discuss homework problems
with classmates but your written solution should be your own work. Please see the attached


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics