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Some GroovyCool Research Chuck Anderson

Summary: Some Groovy­Cool Research
Chuck Anderson
March 31, 1999
Very brief description of 2­3 sentences.
1 Introduction
In this section, introduce your project by describing:
ffl to which part of the AI community this work is relevant,
ffl the unsolved problem your work will address,
ffl why you chose this problem,
ffl very brief summary of the approach you will take to this problem,
ffl outline of remaining sections.
A good way to describe your approach is to first state the hypothesis you will test. The hypothesis
can be as simple as ``This technique will work for this problem.'' Such an hypothesis is not very
useful in structuring your work. It is much more useful to identify a specific aspect of the problem
and test several different techniques or variations of one technique on that part of the problem.
2 Background
Describe your current understanding of other work on this problem. Include citations to literature
you have read and plan to read. This section will be a start for your Background section of your
final project report. Include a list of references at the end of your proposal with citations to them


Source: Anderson, Charles W. - Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences