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Participating in the World: Research and Education in a Changing Society

Summary: Participating in the World: Research and
Education in a Changing Society
Diederik Aerts
Center Leo Apostel.
Brussels Free University,
Brussels, Belgium.
Break the pattern that connects the subject matter and you
destroy all quality
Gregory Bateson in "Mind and Nature".
Intelligence is what one uses when one does not know what to
Jean Piaget in "La psychologie de l'intelligence".
Ideas, concepts and theories are the stuff that constituts our
reflection, and its reflection has a powerful influence on the world.
David Bohm in "Unfolding meaning: a weekend of dialogue with David Bohm".
The garden of Academe has many parts. Some are demanding, inhabited
by strictly selected flowers, fruit bushes and domestic animals, surrounded

Published as: Aerts, D., 1999, "Experiencing the world: research and education in a


Source: Aerts, Diederik - Leo Apostel Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Physics