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Algorithms and Data Structures Final Exam Fill in the Blank (1 point each)

Summary: Algorithms and Data Structures Final Exam
100 Points
Fill in the Blank (1 point each)
1. After many insertions and deletions in a hash table, it is possible that every unused node is marked as
"having been deleted". The process used to fix the problem is termed
2. A ____________________________________________ is an example of a search tree which is multi-
way (allows more than two children).
3. A _________________________________________________ is a path through the graph beginning
and ending at the same node such that all vertices are visited exactly once.
4. A directed graph is termed ______________________________________ if there is a directed path
from any node to any other node.
5. In a graph, when removal of a node makes the graph fall apart, the node is termed
6. I want a search tree in which the worst-case time for a find is log n. A tree that would work is
7. A tree in which every node is no smaller than its children is termed ______________________.
8. I want to find a way of re-painting all the lines on all the roads in the county in minimal cost. The
algorithm I need is termed ________________________________.
9. The _____________________________________ algorithm is used when I want to determine if two


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences