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Noncollinear second-harmonic generation in sub-micrometer-poled RbTiOPO4

Summary: Noncollinear second-harmonic generation in
sub-micrometer-poled RbTiOPO4
S. Moscovich, A. Arie, R. Urneski, A. Agronin, G. Rosenman AND Y. Rosenwaks
Dept. of Electrical Engineering Physical Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University,
Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel
Abstract: We have generated noncollinear quasi-phase-matched second
harmonic wave in an RbTiOPO4 crystal that was poled using the high-
voltage atomic force microscope (HV-AFM). To the best of our knowledge,
this is the first systematic nonlinear frequency conversion study of samples
produced by the HV-AFM method. The short poling period of 1.18 m
enabled us to observe second harmonic generation at very large angles with
respect to the fundamental wave. The setup was used to optically explore
the homogeneity of the poled area. The measurements are in a reasonable
agreement with an analytic calculations.
2004 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: (190.0190) Nonlinear Optics; (190.2620) Frequency Conversion.
References and Links
1. G. Rosenman, P. Urenski, A. Agronin, Y. Rosenwaks, and M. Molotskii, "Submicron ferroelectric domain
structures tailored by high-voltage scanning-probe microscopy," Appl. Phys. Lett. 82, 103-105, (2003).


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering