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BIOL525-Research Mentorship Winter 2011, Spring 2011

Summary: BIOL525- Research Mentorship
Winter 2011, Spring 2011
Alejandro Acevedo
Meeting: BI415; M 12:00-13:50
Phone/email: Alejandro Acevedo (email: acevedo@biol.wwu.edu, phone: 650-3653)
Office Hours: BI 309: M 10-12, W 10-11 h, F 9-11 h
Communication: Blackboard
(Please let me know if you require any disability accommodations.)
Two critical skills required of scientists are the ability to convey information in a thoughtful, convincing
and coherent manner in oral form, and to collaborate with other colleagues. Many scientists are not
skilled in giving concise presentations either to specialists, such as scientists studying the same system, or
on-specialists, such as funding agencies, nonscientists or scientists studying as different system. This is a
two-quarter seminar course featuring student research presentations in which:
o Individually, you will share your planned or current thesis research with your peers
o As a group, you will provide feedback on the science and the presentation to your peers
From this experience,
o You will improve your oral communication skills
o You will improve your understanding of the scientific process
o You will become familiar with the research conducted by graduate students in the department


Source: Acevedo, Alejandro - Department of Biology, Western Washington University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology