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Robot Phonotaxis with Dynamic Sound-source Localization

Summary: Robot Phonotaxis with Dynamic Sound-source
Sean B. Andersson, Amir A. Handzel, Vinay Shah, and P.S. Krishnaprasad
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
sanderss@deas.harvard.edu {handzel,krishna}@isr.umd.edu vinayshah01@yahoo.com
Abstract-- We address two key goals pertaining to autonomous
mobile robots: one, to develop fast accurate sensory capabilities
-- at present, the localization of sound sources -- and second, the
integration of such sensory modules with other robot functions,
especially its motor control and navigation. A primary motivation
for this work was to devise effective means to guide robotic
navigation in environments with acoustic sources. We recently
designed and built a biomimetic sound-source localization appa-
ratus. In contrast to the popular use of time-of-arrival differences
in free field microphone arrays, our system is based on the
principles observed in nature, where directional acoustic sensing
evolved to rely on diffraction about the head with only two
ears. In this paper we present an integrated robot phonotaxis
system which utilizes the robot's movement to resolve front-


Source: Andersson, Sean B. - Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering