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Efficient Methods for Point Matching with Known Camera Orientation

Summary: Efficient Methods for Point Matching with
Known Camera Orientation
Jo~ao F.C. Mota and Pedro M.Q. Aguiar
Institute for Systems and Robotics / IST, Lisboa, Portugal
Abstract. The vast majority of methods that successfully recover 3D
structure from 2D images hinge on a preliminary identification of cor-
responding feature points. When the images capture close views, e.g.,
in a video sequence, corresponding points can be found by using local
pattern matching methods. However, to better constrain the 3D infer-
ence problem, the views must be far apart, leading to challenging point
matching problems. In the recent past, researchers have then dealt with
the combinatorial explosion that arises when searching among N! possi-
ble ways of matching N points. In this paper we overcome this search by
making use of prior knowledge that is available in many situations: the
orientation of the camera. This knowledge enables us to derive O(N2
algorithms to compute point correspondences. We prove that our ap-
proach computes the correct solution when dealing with noiseless data
and derive an heuristic that results robust to the measurement noise and


Source: Aguiar, Pedro M. Q. - Institute for Systems and Robotics (Lisbon)


Collections: Engineering