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Visualizing e le ctronic de nsity ofatom s and m ole cule s w ith

Summary: Visualizing e le ctronic de nsity ofatom s and
m ole cule s w ith
Joe y Fox, Or Coh e n, Eduardo W arszaw sk i and Joan Adle r - Te ch nion
Th e th re e -dim e nsionalnature ofth e e le ctronic w ave functions ofth e h ydroge n atom
for diffe re ntstate s is subtle and alm ostim possible to com pre h e nd from a tw o
dim e nsionaldraw ing.
A classic se tofph otograph s ofe le ctron clouds (pre se nte d by H . E. W h ite in
``Introduction to Atom ic Spe ctra'', 19 34) m ade from spinning w oode n m ode ls for
se ve rale ne rgy state s ofth e H atom is re produce d on th e righ t.
72 ye ars late r w e can do a bitbe tte r and using an ``offlabe l'' im ple m e ntation ofth e
AViz atom istic visualization pack age w e h ave cre ate d th re e -dim e nsional
visualizations sh ow ing cle arly th e ge om e try ofdiffe re ntstate s.
Dots w ith de nsitie s corre sponding to th e e le ctronic probablility de nsity and color
coding to e m ph asize m ore de nse re gions as w e llas slicing and rotation to aid de pth
pe rce ption are im ple m e nte d. In th is poste r e xam ple s ofh ydroge n atom s and
m ole cule s, lith ium atom s and ions and m e th ane and e th yle ne m ole cule s are sh ow n.
Th e AViz pack age w as cre ate d by Ge ri W agne r and Adh am H ash ibon, base d on e arlie r
Ope nGLroutine s w ritte n by David Se ge v(Saada) and im ple m e nte d by Irina
Rose nblum am ongstoth e rs.


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics