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This paper presents a framework for exploration and incre-mental mapping of unknown environments. The framework

Summary: Abstract
This paper presents a framework for exploration and incre-
mental mapping of unknown environments. The framework
allows for evaluation and comparison of different acquisi-
tion strategies. During exploration a visibility graph is con-
structed which holds correct topology information about
the environment and provides a means for immediate plan-
ning in the partially known map. The framework has been
implemented in simulation and on a real platform equipped
with a 360 degree laser scanner, an algorithm for line and
segment extraction and an extended Kalman filter for local-
ization. Structured environments have been explored and
mapped in a fully autonomous mode, simultaneously local-
izing the robot yielding results of satisfying precision. Lim-
itations and problems of our implementation will be
discussed as well.
1. Introduction
The burden to build practicable a priori maps by hand is one
of the major motivations for autonomous map building.
Others, not less important ones, are perceptual compatibili-


Source: Arras, Kai O. - Institut für Informatik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences