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Journal of Catalysis 191, 4654 (2000) doi:10.1006/jcat.1999.2798, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on

Summary: Journal of Catalysis 191, 46­54 (2000)
doi:10.1006/jcat.1999.2798, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on
The Contribution of Gas-Phase Reactions in the Pt-Catalyzed
Conversion of Ethane­Oxygen Mixtures
Marylin C. Huff, Ioannis P. Androulakis, John H. Sinfelt,,1
and Sebasti´an C. Reyes,2
Center for Catalytic Science and Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware 19716;
and Corporate Research Laboratories, Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Annandale, New Jersey 08801
Received July 6, 1999; revised November 18, 1999; accepted November 19, 1999
This paper presents an analysis of the oxidative dehydrogena-
tion of ethane on platinum-containing monoliths. The purpose of
the work is to make a quantitative assessment of the extent to which
homogeneous gas-phase reactions contribute to the overall conver-
sion of the ethane. In making the analysis, extensive use is made
of kinetic information obtained and compiled by A. M. Dean and
associates for elementary homogeneous reaction steps and by L. D.
Schmidt and associates for elementary surface reactions. A critical
part of the analysis is concerned with accounting for the heat effects
and for the reactor temperature gradient resulting therefrom. This
is absolutely essential for meeting the objective of this investigation.


Source: Androulakis, Ioannis (Yannis) - Biomedical Engineering Department & Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine