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Vectorized Garbage Collection Andrew W. Appel*

Summary: ­
Vectorized Garbage Collection
Andrew W. Appel*
Aage Bendiksen+
Princeton University
July 1988
Revised September 1988
Revised February 1989
Appeared in The Journal of Supercomputing 3, 151­160 (1989).
* Supported in part by NSF Grants DCR­8603543 and CCR­8806121, and by a Digital Equipment Corp.
Faculty Incentive Grant.
+ Supported by the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

­ 2 ­
Garbage collection can be done in vector mode on supercomputers like the Cray­2 and the Cyber
205. Both copying collection and mark­and­sweep can be expressed as breadth­first searches in
which the ``queue'' can be processed in parallel. We have designed a copying garbage collector
whose inner loop works entirely in vector mode. We give performance measurements of the algo­


Source: Appel, Andrew W. - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences