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CDMA Data QoS Scheduling on the Forward Link with Variable Channel Conditions

Summary: CDMA Data QoS Scheduling on the Forward
Link with Variable Channel Conditions
Matthew Andrews Krishnan Kumaran Kavita Ramanan
Alexander Stolyar Rajiv Vijayakumar Phil Whiting
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
600­700 Mountain Avenue
Murray Hill, NJ 07974­0636
April 2, 2000
We consider the problem of scheduling CDMA data users on the for­
ward link. The goal is to meet their QoS requirements defined in terms
of probabilistic packet delay bounds. The constraint is the limit on the
total forward link transmit power. Each user's channel condition is char­
acterized by the forward link power required to achieve a unit data rate.
This paper extends the work reported in [1], in which several sim­
plifying assumptions were made, including the assumption that channel
conditions are constant in time. In this work, we study a more realistic
scenario, in which transmission rates can only be chosen from a discrete
finite set, rate scheduling can only be done at discrete scheduling intervals,


Source: Andrews, Matthew - Mathematics of Networks and Systems, Mathematical Sciences Research Center, Bell Laboratories


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences