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Alignment-orientation conversion by quadratic Zeeman effect: Analysis and observation for Te2

Summary: Alignment-orientation conversion by quadratic Zeeman effect: Analysis
and observation for Te2
I. P. Klincare, M. Ya. Tamanis, A. V. Stolyarov,a) M. P. Auzinsh, and R. S. Ferber
Department of Physics, University of Latvia, Riga L V-1.786,Latvia
(Received 27 April 1993; accepted 8 July 1993)
This paper reports the observation of the molecular fluorescence circularity under irradiation
with linear polarized light. The phenomenon arises as a result of partial transformation from
alignment of the ensemble of molecular angular momenta into orientation due to quadratic
correction to Zeeman effect. Circularity rate up to 0.05 at magnetic field 0.4 T was regis.ered in
B 32; ( 1;) -+X 3X; ( 1;) fluorescence of t3@Te,molecules at angle 7r/4 with respect to E vector
of linear polarized exciting light. Quadratic magnetic energy terms are associated with magnetic
field induced AJ= f 1 e/f mixing between 1; - 1,' and 1; -0: states. Circularity data fitting
shows that the electronic part of Land& factor caused by 1; -0: interaction is equal to G,
4o,I~,, 1~~+k-~~~~o,ls, 11,)~2.72.
In the preceding paper' a theoretical consideration was
presented allowing to predict the appearance of orientation
of angular momenta under excitation by broadband linear
polarized light through the action of external perturbation
causing asymmetric splitting between coherent M,M=l= 1


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics