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Termination Checking with Types Strong Normalization for

Summary: Termination Checking with Types
Strong Normalization for
Mendler­Style Course­Of­Value Recursion
Andreas Abel #
Department of Computer Science
University of Munich
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 M˜unchen, Germany
Abstract. Gim’enez' type system for structural recursion in the Calcu­
lus of Constructions is adapted to typed functional programming. As core
language, the #­calculus with inductive types, subtyping and bounded
quantification is introduced. Decorated type variables, which represent
approximations of inductive types, enable the type system to track the
size of arguments to recursive functions and the size of the result of func­
tion calls. Novel are an algorithm for type checking and proofs of type
preservation and strong normalization.
1 Introduction
The process of verifying a program can be separated into two parts: As the first
step, partial correctness is established by verifying that a program matches its


Source: Abel, Andreas - Theoretische Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences