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Query Interactions in Database Workloads Mumtaz Ahmad

Summary: Query Interactions in Database Workloads
Mumtaz Ahmad
University of Waterloo
Ashraf Aboulnaga
University of Waterloo
Shivnath Babu
Duke University
Database workloads consist of mixes of queries that run con-
currently and interact with each other. In this paper, we
demonstrate that query interactions can have a significant
impact on database system performance. Hence, we argue
that it is important to take these interactions into account
when characterizing workloads, designing test cases, or de-
veloping performance tuning algorithms for database sys-
tems. To capture and model query interactions, we propose
using an experimental approach that is based on sampling
the space of possible interactions and fitting statistical mod-
els to the sampled data. We discuss using such an approach
for database testing and tuning, and we present some op-


Source: Aboulnaga, Ashraf - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences