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A Modular TypeChecking Algorithm for Type Theory with Singleton Types and

Summary: A Modular Type­Checking Algorithm for
Type Theory with Singleton Types and
Proof Irrelevance
Andreas Abel 1 , Thierry Coquand 2 , and Miguel Pagano 3
1 Ludwig­Maximilians­Universit˜at M˜unchen, abel@informatik.uni­muenchen.de
2 G˜oteborg University, coquand@cs.chalmers.se
3 Universidad Nacional de C’ordoba, miguel.pagano@gmail.com
Abstract. We define a logical framework with singleton types and one
universe of small types. We give the semantics using a PER model; it is
used for constructing a normalisation­by­evaluation algorithm. We prove
completeness and soundness of the algorithm; and get as a corollary the
injectivity of type constructors. Then we give the definition of a correct
and complete type­checking algorithm for terms in normal form. We
extend the results to proof­irrelevant propositions.
1 Introduction and Related Work
One of the raisons d'“etre of proof­checkers like Agda [26], Coq [18], and Epigram
[23] is to decide if a given term has some type; i.e., if a term corresponds to a
proof of a proposition [17]. Hence, the convenience of such a system is, in part,
determined by the types for which the system can check membership. We ex­
tend the decidability of type­checking done in previous works [1, 2] for Martin­L˜of


Source: Abel, Andreas - Theoretische Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences