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Discretization Methods of Fractional Parallel PID Controllers

Summary: Discretization Methods of Fractional Parallel PID
Abstract-- This work addresses employing direct and indirect
discretization methods to obtain a rational discrete
approximation of continuous time parallel fractional PID
controllers. The different approaches are illustrated by
implementing them on an example.
Index Terms-
Al-Alaoui operator, analog_to digital_conversion, bilinear
transformation, fractional order systems, PID control,
transfer functions.
Fractional systems are systems that are represented by
differential equations that allow non integer orders. This is a
generalization of the integer order integration and
differentiation. The order can take on any real value, not
necessarily only fractional values. Thus the fractional
designation is not accurate, however the misnomer is now the
accepted designation. The corresponding transfer functions
for fractional order systems resulting from applying


Source: Al-Alaoui, Mohamad Adnan - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, American University of Beirut, Lebanon


Collections: Engineering