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USDA Forest Service RMRS-RN-34. 2008. 1 United States

Summary: USDA Forest Service RMRS-RN-34. 2008. 1
United States
of Agriculture
Forest Service
Rocky Mountain
Research Station
Research Note
April 2008
Fire Effects on Gambel Oak in Southwestern
Ponderosa Pine-Oak Forests
Scott R. Abella and Peter Z. Fulé
Abstract--Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii) is ecologically and aesthetically valuable in southwestern ponderosa
pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests. Fire effects on Gambel oak are important because fire may be used in pine-oak forests
to manage oak directly or to accomplish other management objectives. We used published literature to: (1) ascertain
historical fire regimes in pine-oak forests, (2) discern prescribed burning effects on Gambel oak survival and diameter
growth, and (3) provide suggestions for using fire to manage oak. Frequent fire is part of Gambel oak's historical
environment, as historical fire return intervals often averaged less than 10 years in pine-oak forests. More than 66 percent
of oaks greater than 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter were alive at least 5 years after two contemporary prescribed fires,


Source: Abella, Scott R. - School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology