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The Architecture of Modern Mathematics edited by Jose Ferreiros and Jeremy Gray

Summary: The Architecture of Modern Mathematics
edited by JosŽe FerreirŽos and Jeremy Gray
Oxford University Press, 2006, 442 pp. $ 69.50 US,
ISBN 0198567936
This collection of essays explores what makes modern mathematics
`modern', where `modern mathematics' is understood as the mathe-
matics done in the West from roughly 1800 to 1970. This is not the
trivial matter of exploring what makes recent mathematics recent. The
term `modern' (or `modernism') is used widely in the humanities to de-
scribe the era since about 1900, exemplified by Picasso or Kandinsky
in the visual arts, Rilke or Pound in poetry, or Le Corbusier or Loos
in architecture (a building by the latter graces the cover of this book's
dust jacket).
Though it is hard to say precisely what modernism is, or what dis-
tinguishes it from other eras, Gray attempts a definition in his closing
essay in this collection:
Modernism can be defined as an autonomous body of
ideas, pursued with little outward reference, maintaining
a complicated, rather than a naive, relationship with the


Source: Arana, Andrew - Department of Philosophy, Kansas State University


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Mathematics