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150 to 200 m (5). It was probably a nekto-benthic scavenger and predator, like most

Summary: 150 to 200 m (5). It was probably a nekto-
benthic scavenger and predator, like most
Recent myodocopes. The long natatory setae
and large basipod of the second antenna im-
ply that it was an adept swimmer. Its appar-
ently limited dispersal capacity [one locality,
even though myodocope ostracodes of the
Welsh sedimentary basin have been exten-
sively studied (16, 17)] indicates that it had a
benthic rather than pelagic lifestyle. The en-
dites on appendages 3 to 5 seem suitable for
comminuting food. As in Recent myo-
docopids (18, 19), the well-developed furca
may have been used to hold and cut prey
and carrion, and the processes on the la-
brum may have secreted enzymes to aid
digestion and substances for food entangle-
ment and bioluminescence.
C. ecplecticos proffers unequivocal evi-
dence for the occurrence of Ostracoda in the


Source: Amasino, Richard M. - Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Biology and Medicine