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Dr. Arwa Arab King Abdullah Aziz

Summary: Dr. Arwa Arab
King Abdullah Aziz
School of Pshycology
Heading home for an academic career
Dr Arwa Arab is heading home to Saudi Arabia for an academic post after
graduating from the School of Psychology with a PhD. For her doctorate,
she examined how adolescents in her country tackle relationships with
parents, teachers and people in authority.
She took her first degree in psychology at the King Abdullah Aziz
University in Jeddah, taught for two years on the campus, then decided to
study abroad because she wanted to specialise in clinical, social and
developmental aspects of the subject. "Southampton is one of the few
universities in the UK to offer a PhD degree in this aspect of psychology,"
Arwa explains. "I secured a scholarship to study in England; my husband
too decided to study for a PhD in Management at Southampton so we
moved with our three children."
After five years in Southampton, the south of England feels like a second
home. "We have enjoyed our time here very much and will miss all our


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics