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Airy beam laser Gil Porat,* Ido Dolev, Omri Barlev, and Ady Arie

Summary: Airy beam laser
Gil Porat,* Ido Dolev, Omri Barlev, and Ady Arie
Department of Physical Electronics, Fleischman Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
*Corresponding author: gilpor@gmail.com
Received August 19, 2011; accepted September 12, 2011;
posted September 27, 2011 (Doc. ID 153131); published October 14, 2011
A method to design lasers that emit an arbitrary beam profile is studied. In these lasers, output-coupling is
performed by a diffraction grating that imposes a phase and amplitude distribution onto the diffracted light. A
solid-state laser emitting beams with a two-dimensional Airy intensity profile is demonstrated both theoretically
and experimentally. In this case, the diffraction grating adds a transverse cubic phase to the diffracted light. An Airy
beam is obtained by performing optical Fourier transform of the out-coupled light. The laser beam profile and power
characteristics are shown to agree with theory. 2011 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: 140.0140, 140.3300.
Airy beams are optical beams whose profile is described
bythe Airy function [1,2].These beamspossess several un-
ique features, such as propagation along a curved trajec-
tory, very low diffraction [1,2], and self-healing, i.e., they
restore their canonical form after passing small obstacles
[3]. Applications of Airy beams include plasma waveguid-
ing [4], microparticle manipulation [5], generation of light


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering