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Integrating BES in the wastewater and sludge

Summary: 19
Integrating BES in the
wastewater and sludge
treatment line
Miriam Rosenbaum, Matthew T. Agler,
Jeffrey J. Fornero, Arvind Venkataraman and
Largus T. Angenent
Traditionally, wastewater treatment has been a combination of physical,
biological, and chemical treatment methods. Physical methods of treatment
include settling and sand filtration, biological methods include aerobic activated
sludge, denitrification, and anaerobic digester treatment systems, while chemical
methods include phosphate removal, dye and endocrine disruptor removal, and
disinfection systems. All of these methods have been adopted and optimized to
# 2010 IWA Publishing. Bioelectrochemical Systems: From Extracellular Electron Transfer to
Biotechnological Application. Edited by Korneel Rabaey, Largus Angenent, Uwe Schro¨der and
Ju¨rg Keller. ISBN: 9781843392330. Published by IWA Publishing, London, UK.
raise the quality and clarity of the final effluent stream and to minimize the
quantity and severity of pollutants and harmful pathogens to be released into the
environment. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering