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Steady-State Analysis of Continuous Adaptation Systems in Hearing M. G. Siqueira, A. Alwan, R. Speece

Summary: Steady-State Analysis of Continuous Adaptation Systems in Hearing
M. G. Siqueira, A. Alwan, R. Speece
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Acoustic feedback is a problem in hearing aids that contain a sub-
stantial amount of gain, hearing aids that are used in conjunction
with vented or open molds, and in-the-ear hearing aids. Acoustic
feedback is both annoying and reduces the maximum usable gain of
hearing-aid devices. This paper studies analytically the steady-state
convergence behavior of LMS-based adaptive algorithms when op-
erating in continuous adaptation to reduce acoustic feedback. A bias
is found in the adaptive filter's estimate of the hearing-aid feedback
path. A method for reducing this bias and producing an improved
estimate of the feedback path is analyzed. It is shown that by the use
of delays in the forward path of the hearing aid plant, it is possible
to reduce the bias considerably.
1. Introduction


Source: Alwan, Abeer - Electrical Engineering Department, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences