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SelfStabilizing Unidirectional Network Algorithms by PowerSupply \Lambda

Summary: Self­Stabilizing Unidirectional Network Algorithms by
Power­Supply \Lambda
Yehuda Afek y
Anat Bremler z
Computer Science Department,
Tel­Aviv University, Israel 69978.
Power­supply, a surprisingly simple and new general paradigm for the development of
self­stabilizing algorithms in different models, is introduced. The paradigm is exemplified
by developing simple and efficient self­stabilizing algorithms for leader election and either
BFS or DFS spanning tree constructions, in strongly­connected unidirectional and bi­
directional dynamic networks (synchronous and asynchronous). The different algorithms
stabilize in O(n) time in both synchronous and asynchronous networks without assuming
any knowledge about the network topology or size, where n is the total number of nodes.
Following the leader election algorithms we present a generic self­stabilizing spanning tree
and/or leader election algorithm that produces a whole spectrum of new and efficient
algorithms for these problems. Two variations that produce either a rooted Depth First
Search tree or a rooted Breadth First Search tree are presented.
1 Introduction
A distributed system is self­stabilizing if never mind what local state each of its processors


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences