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A Call Admission Control protocol for Multimedia Cellular Networks

Summary: A Call Admission Control protocol for
Multimedia Cellular Networks
Ayman Elnaggar
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University
Email: ayman@squ.edu.om
Mokhtar Aboelaze Maan Musleh
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
York University
Email: {aboelaze, maan}@cse.yorku.ca
Abstract--The performance of any cellular wireless
network, as well as its revenue (number of customers using
the network, and their degree of satisfaction) is determined
to a great extent by its call admission control (CAC)
protocol. As its name implies, the CAC determine if a new
call request is granted, or rejected. In this paper, we
propose a call admission control protocol for cellular
multimedia wireless networks. Multimedia networks are
characterized by a wide variety of bandwidth requests,
priorities, and drop-off/rejection requirements by different


Source: Aboelaze, Mokhtar - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences