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CHIMPS: A High-Performance Scalable Module for Multi-Physics Simulations

Summary: CHIMPS: A High-Performance Scalable Module for
Multi-Physics Simulations
J. J. Alonso, S. Hahn, F. Ham, M. Herrmann, G. Iaccarino. G. Kalitzin,
P. LeGresley, K. Mattsson, G. Medic, P. Moin, H. Pitsch, J. Schlšuter
, M. Svšard,
E. Van der Weide, D. You, X. Wu
Center for Integrated Turbulence Simulations, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, U.S.A.
As computational methods attempt to simulate ever more complex physical systems
the need to couple independently-developed numerical models and solvers arises. This of-
ten results from the requirement to use different physical or numerical models for various
portions of the domain of interest. In many situations it is also common to use different
physical models that influence each other within the same domain of interest. The inter-
action between these models normally requires an exchange of information between the
participating solvers. When the solvers that exchange information are distributed over a
large number of processors in a parallel computer, the problem of exchanging information
in an efficient and scalable fashion becomes complicated. This paper describes our efforts
to develop a Coupler for High-Performance Integrated Multi-Physics Simulations library,
CHIMPS, that can enable the exchange of information between solvers and that automates
the search, interpolation and communication processes in order to allow the developer to
focus on other matters of interest such as the appropriate strategies to couple the solvers


Source: Alonso, Juan J. - Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University


Collections: Engineering