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CHEN 3AA0 Chemical Engineering Progress Assessment II (Concepts Inventory Exam)

Summary: CHEN 3AA0 Chemical Engineering Progress Assessment II
(Concepts Inventory Exam)
Instructions and Information for Students
(Revised August, 2010)
This document is intended to familiarize students with the Auburn University Department
of Chemical Engineering Progress Assessment II which is also referred to as the Concept
Inventory Exam (CIE). The following material discusses the nature of the CIE and the
CHEN 3AA0 course including the manner in which they are administered.
Purpose: The purpose of the CIE is to improve the department's educational program by
determining the extent to which students can successfully recall, apply and explain
chemical engineering principles. The requirement that each student successfully pass this
CIE with an acceptable score ensures that all graduates of this department have
demonstrated adequate proficiency in chemical engineering principles and concepts.
Furthermore, information from this exam process will allow the department to identify
subject matter and content needing additional coverage or a different approach to its
Nature of Exam: The CIE consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5
explain/describe questions each worth 5% credit for an overall total of 100%. These
questions are generally non-numerical in nature (in that they usually will not have a
numerical answer) but may involve processing some numerical data. You are permitted


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


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