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UW Computer Science and Engineering Dfs (Microsoft's Distributed file system)

Summary: UW Computer Science and Engineering
Dfs (Microsoft's Distributed file system)
revised June 2004, June 2008 - Warren Jessop
Microsoft Dfs 1
Executive Summary
Under one drive, O:, on a Windows workstation you can access shared files, folders, and
directories that reside on a wide variety of CSE file servers, both Windows and UNIX. This
includes, for example, all Windows and UNIX home, project, web and course directories.
What is Microsoft Dfs?
Microsoft's Distributed File System, or Dfs (pronounced "doofus")1
, provides a stable,
naming scheme for all shared files you need to access when using
Windows. A single "UNC"3
share, or a single drive mapped to such a share, is able to
contain files and directories on any number of file servers. It works by looking up the actual
locations of remote shares in a table called the Dfs map, in a way very similar to automount
mapping in UNIX (see [UNIX Automount Mapping in CSE], page 10).
The UNC name for all Dfs files in CSE begins with \\cseexec\cs.4
By convention \\cse-


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences