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Source Routing and Scheduling in Packet Networks \Lambda Matthew Andrews y Antonio Fernandez z Ashish Goel x Lisa Zhang --

Summary: Source Routing and Scheduling in Packet Networks \Lambda
Matthew Andrews y Antonio Fern’andez z Ashish Goel x Lisa Zhang --
We study routing and scheduling in packet­switched net­
works. We assume an adversary that controls the injection
time, source, and destination for each packet injected. A
set of paths for these packets is admissible if no link in the
network is overloaded. We present the first on­line routing
algorithm that finds a set of admissible paths whenever this
is feasible. Our algorithm calculates a path for each packet
as soon as it is injected at its source using a simple shortest
path computation. The length of a link reflects its current
congestion. We also show how our algorithm can be imple­
mented under today's Internet routing paradigms.
When the paths are known (either given by the adversary
or computed as above) our goal is to schedule the packets
along the given paths so that the packets experience small
end­to­end delays. The best previous delay bounds for de­
terministic and distributed scheduling protocols were expo­
nential in the path length. In this paper we present the first


Source: Andrews, Matthew - Mathematics of Networks and Systems, Mathematical Sciences Research Center, Bell Laboratories


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences