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EUROGRAPHICS 2006 STAR State of the Art Report Computational Photography

Summary: EUROGRAPHICS 2006 STAR State of the Art Report
Computational Photography
Ramesh Raskar, Jack Tumblin, Ankit Mohan, Amit Agrawal, Yuanzen Li
MERL and Northwestern University, USA
Computational photography combines plentiful computing, digital sensors, modern optics, actuators, probes and smart
lights to escape the limitations of traditional film cameras and enables novel imaging applications. Unbounded
dynamic range, variable focus, resolution, and depth of field, hints about shape, reflectance, and lighting, and new
interactive forms of photos that are partly snapshots and partly videos are just some of the new applications found in
Computational Photography. The computational techniques encompass methods from modification of imaging
parameters during capture to sophisticated reconstructions from indirect measurements. We provide a practical guide
to topics in image capture and manipulation methods for generating compelling pictures for computer graphics and for
extracting scene properties for computer vision, with several examples.
Many ideas in computational photography are still relatively new to digital artists and programmers and there is no up-
to-date reference text. A larger problem is that a multi-disciplinary field that combines ideas from computational
methods and modern digital photography involves a steep learning curve. For example, photographers are not always
familiar with advanced algorithms now emerging to capture high dynamic range images, but image processing
researchers face difficulty in understanding the capture and noise issues in digital cameras. These topics, however, can
be easily learned without extensive background. The goal of this STAR is to present both aspects in a compact form.
The new capture methods include sophisticated sensors, electromechanical actuators and on-board processing.


Source: Agrawal, Amit - Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Tumblin, Jack - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering