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Phys 597A, CMPS 497E Graphs and Networks in Systems Biology

Summary: Phys 597A, CMPS 497E
Graphs and Networks in Systems Biology
Lecturer: Réka Albert
122 Davey Laboratory
Networks, networks everywhere
ˇ Network infrastructure, social networking
ˇ Network - a tool for understanding complex systems
ˇ Many non-identical elements connected by diverse interactions
ˇ E.g. interaction networks within cells: protein interactions,
chemical reactions, gene regulation
ˇ Graph measures provide information on interaction graphs
ˇ Network models explain and predict properties of graph classes
ˇ Network topology influences network robustness and the
dynamics of flows
ˇ E.g. dynamics of molecular interaction networks determines the
behavior of cells.
ˇ Understand emergent properties ­ synchronization, phase
transitions, homeostasis
Definition of graphs (networks)Definition of graphs (networks)


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine