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"!$#&%('0)213454('6'64879)2@ABC Sameer Tilak and Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh

Summary:  "!$#&%('0)213454('6'64879)2@ABC
Sameer Tilak and Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh
Computer System Research Laboratory
Dept. of CS, Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 139026000IQPSR6TVUUBWYXa`QRbUdcbefQgbPihqpVr0`bstdR6TvubwS`xhyUSB
With the proliferation of mobile devices and the emer-
gence of the internet as a global communication and busi-
ness medium, there is significant interest in providing ro-
bust, high-performance, internet connectivity to protable
devices. This requires seamless delivery of data between
the peers even as they change location. The accepted so-
lution for mobility is Mobile IP, an IETF standard sup-
porting mobility in the network layer. Recently, Snoren
and Balakrishnan suggested an end-to-end implementa-
tion that uses dynamic DNS updates and transport layer
connection migration to implement seamless mobility.
This approach has several advantages and it is conceiv-
able that it will replace (or co-exist) with Mobile IP to im-
plement mobility. One of the restrictions in the proposed


Source: Abu-Ghazaleh, Nael B. - Department of Computer Science, State University of New York at Binghamton


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences