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Multimachine power system stabiliser design based on new LQR approach

Summary: Multimachine power system stabiliser design based
on new LQR approach
Abstract: The paper presents a novel systematic
procedure for the design of excitation based stabil-
isers for large-scale interconnected electric power
systems. The design method is based on newly
obtained results in optimal linear quadratic regu-
lator (LQR) design, and is superior to previously
reported LQR approaches. A model of a five-
machine interconnected power system which
includes detailed representation of synchronous
machines, excitation systems, turbines and speed
governing mechanisms is considered. Stabilisers of
various structures are proposed. It is shown,
through simulation studies, that the stabilisers
improve the power system performance markedly,
without excess demand for control action.
M. Aldeen


Source: Aldeen, Mohammad - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne


Collections: Engineering