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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences The Open University

Summary: Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The Open University
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
Tel 01908 652889 Fax 01908 655151
Email Earth-Sciences-PhD-Enquiries@open.ac.uk
Web page http://www.open.ac.uk/science/earthsciences/home.php?
Eclogites as tracers of mantle processes
Dr Mahesh Anand, Dr Clare Warren and Dr Tom Argles
Field work in Norway and in the French Alps
Training in high-precision analytical techniques
Provide constraints on the origin of enigmatic kimberlitic eclogites
Eclogites which are mainly composed of garnet and omphacite form at high to ultra-high pressures (1.52
GPa or higher) during the subduction of crustal rocks and during mantle melting. They provide important
information about the geodynamic processes involved as cratons form as well as interaction between crustal
and mantle materials [1]. Many eclogites found as xenoliths in kimberlites contain diamonds (e.g. [2]) and
therefore they are not only of potential economic significance but they also provide information on the
chemical and isotopic nature of deeper parts of Earth's mantle (>150 km), which is otherwise directly
inaccessible. Although eclogite apparently only forms a minor component of the Earth's mantle, it plays an
important role in deciphering mantle geodynamics by providing information on the fate of subducted crust
and its role in imparting chemical heterogeneity to the mantle.


Source: Anand, Mahesh - Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research, Department of Earth Sciences, Open University


Collections: Geosciences