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Published in Phys. Rev. D43 (1991) 3442 SU-4228-438 BRST Quantization and Coadjoint Orbit Theories

Summary: Published in Phys. Rev. D43 (1991) 3442 SU-4228-438
May 1990
BRST Quantization and Coadjoint Orbit Theories
Theodore J. Allen
Department of Physics
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-1130
A new `harmonic' BRST method is presented for quantizing those dynamical
systems having second-class constraints which split into holomorphic and antiholo-
morphic algebras. These theories include those whose phase spaces are coadjoint
orbits of a compact semisimple Lie group. The method also applies to theories with
holomorphic first-class constraints which have nonvanishing brackets with their an-
tiholomorphic conjugates. An operatorial quantization, resembling supersymmetric
quantum mechanics, is presented. In addition, a general path integral is given and is
shown to reduce to that given by Batalin, Fradkin, and Vilkovisky.
*Bitnet address: tjallen@suhep.bitnet
c 1991 The American Physical Society
1. Introduction
Certain constrained systems, notably the D = 10 harmonic superstring and su-
perparticle [1,2], the Brink-Schwarz superparticle in four dimensions [2,3], and certain


Source: Allen, Theodore J. - Physics Department, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Collections: Physics