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Math 151 Final Exam Information Sections 819, 820, 821

Summary: Math 151 Final Exam Information
Sections 819, 820, 821
Date: Monday, December 10 2001
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Location: 113 Heldenfels Hall
Exam Topics:
Chapter 1 vectors, dot product, scalar and vector projection, parametric curves
Chapter 2 limits of functions, limit laws, limits at infinity
Chapter 3 derivatives and tangent lines, differentiation formulas, derivatives of trigono-
metric functions, chain rule, implicit differentiation, tangents to parametric
curves, related rates
Chapter 4 exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, inverse func-
tions, exponential growth, inverse trig functions and their derivatives,
L'Hospital's rule
Chapter 5 first and second derivative tests, critical points, inflection points, intervals
of increase and decrease, intervals of concavity, antidifferentiation
Chapter 6 definite integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Review exercises:
Chapter 1
1) Let a = -2, 1 and b = 1, 3 . Find ab, the


Source: Aguiar, Marcelo - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


Collections: Mathematics