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Delayed Internet Routing Convergence Jongwon Yoon

Summary: Delayed Internet Routing Convergence
Jongwon Yoon
1. Summary
This paper focuses on the convergence behavior of BGP and examines the latency in internet path
failure. After the failure, the operation of the BGP path selection process on internet backbone routers
takes tens of minutes and it causes delays. Due to the period of delayed convergence, endtoend internet
paths experience connection loss, increased packet loss and latency, as a result these problems cause the
network performance degradations. The authors provides simulation results which are the addition of the
synchronization(using MinRouteAdver) and diffusing update reduce the convergence latency and the
number of messages.
2. Pros
This paper is based on the the long term(2 yrs) studies of experiment conducted and the authors
point out the unexpected properties of convergence from their experimental results. Moreover, authors
examine an upper bound on the convergence time mathematically and provide an example of how BGP
convergence works which supports their claims. The authors clearly explain why the convergence delays
happen, and they suggest ASPath loop detection to reduce the delays. One of the important contribution
of this paper is the changes of the BGP implementation by the vendor could improve the internet
convergence latencies.
3. Cons
As the authors point out in the paper, the addition of synchronization, diffusing updates and


Source: Akella, Aditya - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences