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GeneH.Golub(19322007) Mathematician and godfather of numerical analysis.

Mathematician and godfather of numerical analysis.
A century ago, matrices and the techniques
for their manipulation -- linear algebra
-- were a backwater of mathematics. Today,
they are the foundation not just of the
mathematical field of numerical analysis,
but also of computational science and
engineering, and have become indispensable
for anyone who wants to get numerical
results from a computer. The pre-eminent
figure in matrix computations over the
past 50 years, Gene Golub, died on
16 November.
Golub was born in Chicago on 29 February
1932, to Jewish parents from Latvia and the
Ukraine. His childhood was not affluent,
but he was a good student. After two years
at a junior college, he transferred to the


Source: Astudillo, Reinaldo - Departamento de Computación, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Trefethen, Nick - Mathematical Institute & Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Mathematics