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Organization Hidden Histories

Summary: Organization
Hidden Histories
Evidence of a Marriage Alliance between the Silla and
Japanese Ruling Houses in the Late Seventh Century
Jonathan Best
Asian Art History
Wesleyan University
Tuesday May 24, 2011
1:30 3:00 PM
LAW 133
The twelfth-century Samguk sagi, and especially its chronicles of Silla and Paekche, abounds
with entries that are manifestly chronologically anomalous. Yet in virtually all cases, the incon-
gruous entries have the appearance of being reports of actual historical events that were re-dated
after the fact to compensate for the apparent evidentiary voids in Silla history. An investigation
of these anomalous accounts reveals a historically credible date for the formation of a marriage
alliance between the ruling houses of Silla and Japan. This date is, moreover, strongly supported
by evidence dated to the late seventh century from both the Samguk sagi and the Nihon shoki,
evidence whose significance in this notable regard has hitherto remained unrecognized--and
thus has remained in this sense, hidden.
Jonathan Best received his Ph.D from Harvard University in 1976; unusual for its time it was a


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


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